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We give the term “Come outside and play” a whole new meaning!

Adam and I take our camera with us wherever we go, there is an unexplainable rush of adrenaline when flashing or fooling around out doors where you have a chance of getting caught! From the anticipation of doing it to following trough, it’s something that is a huge turn on for us!

In The Bleachers
These pictures were taken at a local baseball field near our place! I had to stop because one of the neighbours saw us and called public security, we were happy she only called them and not the cops!
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A Hand in the Bush
I love summertime, going hiking, camping, being one with the wilderness, running around naked and having sex all over gods green earth!
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Mall Rat
Adam and I were shopping and he had his camera with him so we started fooling around and taking some silly pictures. There weren’t many people around so it was time to get a bit risqué!
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Mini Putt
On our first night in Orlando we got together with Maryanne and fooled around a bit while playing mini putt!
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Old Port Antics
The weather is finally nice again so Keesha, Leroy and I took advantage of the warm spring air and went for a nice walk at the old port! Leroy had his camera as he carries it wherever he goes, so Keesha and I had some fun with him!
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On the road again!
Adam and I are on the road again, this time were on our way to Quebec city for a mini vacation! We stopped off along the way to stretch our legs and have a little fun!
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On the rocks
Bartender I’ll have a Mercedes, Daphnee, Deserae and Eve on the rocks please!
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The Great Outdoors
Adam & I were driving to the lake to have a nice walk and day outdoors but I was getting restless in the car so I started undressing and handed him his camera! Once we got to the lake I have him and a few boaters a little show:-)
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