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About Us
Where do we start! Adam and I are both "average" people so to speak, with a higher then average sex drive. We have no ambitions of being porn stars, we started our site to meet other people who are also open minded and share our belief that sex is a fun thing that should be experienced and experimented with!

We are a bilingual French Canadian couple from Montreal, and you know what they say about French Canadian girls (Rumour has it we're easy, imagine that:-)! We met through mutual friends at an amusement park of all places and hit it off right away! We were much more reserved back then but that didn't last long, fast forward 6 years and a few more rides on the rollercoaster and here we are!

We had been dating for a bit when we got on the topic of sex and threesomes, we both had threesomes (2 girls and 1 guy) when we were younger but never with a significant other in the picture (I told you French girls were easy:-). After a little more talking Adam confessed he'd like to see with another guy and as he so eloquently put it "tag team me"! I was taken back that he wanted a threesome and not with another girl and was turned on like you can't imagine! After some experimenting we knew that we wanted to get more involved in the swinging lifestyle and meet more people like us.

We started by having fun in CUSeeMe chat rooms, fooling around and having fun while others watched. We looked into what would be involved in starting a website of our own and went to a local party held by Carol Cox. That party made us realize a website would be the perfect avenue to take to meet other swingers and share our experiences! The time we spent on CUSeeMe primed us for doing webcam shows, and is still one of our favourite parts or having our site!

Of course we have other interests other then sex. We both enjoy working out and try to keep in the best shape possible (hey we want to look good naked:-) Summers are short in Montreal so when it is summer we are always outdoors, camping, hiking, canoeing, we basically enjoy any outdoor activity. Our house is a mini zoo with 2 cats and a dog. We are also Survivor nuts, we consider ourselves avid fans but anyone who knows us will tell you we obsessed nuts when it comes to that show. We enjoy other shows of that nature, The Amazing Race for example but when it comes to Survivor we may be a little overboard!

We love meeting & partying with our members at the barmeets and parties held every few months. Don't be shy, god knows we aren't, if you're in the Montreal area come out and play! If there's anything else you'd like to know about either of us join us for one of our cam shows and get to know us better!

Eve's favourite saying: He's banging her like a screen door in a hurricane!
Adam's favourite saying: The only thing better then pussy, is new pussy!
Adam & Eve!